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Spiritual Life


Spiritual- Life Coaching sessions have become a wonderful service to provide couples after the wedding; Lucinda becomes the “family minister” with baby blessings, funerals and life coaching.  She provides consultations and coaching over Skype or by phone. This has proven very effective and affordable for clients. If you have a desire to improve communication & relationship  skills, deepen your daily spiritual practice, or in need of stress management, grief support,  life & career coaching, schedule a complimentary consultation.

Rites of Passage &

Symbolic Rituals

Often you will hear Lucinda say, “Folks may not remember the ceremony, but they will remember the symbolic rituals.”  The visual beauty and experiential rituals brings meaning and memorable experiences to wedding ceremony, celebration of life services and rites of passages like baby blessings, coming of age and more. Including symbolic rituals provide a lovely opportunity for beautiful photographs and ceremony keepsakes. Learn more on her new blog: Seeds from my Garden and Vows and Kisses “Ceremonies and Rituals” page.

Create a Thriving

Officiant Business

Many folks have no idea that there are professional Interfaith Officiants offering “spiritual but not religious” services for weddings, funerals and counseling.  Lucinda is dedicated in helping to answer this need by offering online directories to promote Officiant (celebrant) services, making it easier for folks to find us.   Learn how to develop business and ceremony skills and market your professional celebrant services by contacting Lucinda for a complimentary consultation.

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“Religion is for people who are scared to go to hell.

Spirituality is for people who have already been there.”

                                       ~ Bonnie Raitt

A Little About Lucinda

Lucinda Martin studied Interfaith / Inter-Spiritual teachings at “One Spirit Interfaith Seminary”, New York, NY. Upon her ordination in 2009 she began offering wedding officiant services and founded the online Interfaith directories, “Vows & Kisses, Wedding Officiants and more” and “Graceful-Mournings”, professional celebrants providing support for funeral, celebration of life services and grief support for all life transitions. She is passionate about ceremony and rituals, viewing them as, “The glue keeping heart strings together.” She serves folks that consider themselves “spiritual but not religious”, looking for a non-denominational or multi faith ceremony Officiant. In addition, it is of great importance to her to embrace and support LGBTQ, atheists and agnostics. She offers a variety of rites of passage ceremonies, such as baby blessings and has written and facilitated workshops in support of creative expression, healing and spiritual growth.


Lucinda also offers workshops to interfaith practitioners with a desire to learn how to begin or grow a wedding Officiant business, and  professional celebrant (Officiant) business in support of funerals, celebration of life and grief support services. This includes teaching business, marketing and networking skills, in addition to creating personalized ceremonies with a focus on meaningful and memorable rituals.

Her studies of World Religion and Indigenous Spiritual traditions have deepened her passion for learning about and creating symbolic rituals. It is her experience that by including a ritual in a wedding ceremony or celebration of life ceremony, the inclusiveness of family and guests creates a deeper connection amongst each other and God. Rituals become a portal that creates an opening – an understanding – of forgiveness, gratitude, connection and love.

While serving as a Center for Spiritual Living, Licensed Practitioner, and raising her five wonderful sons in Aptos, Santa Cruz County, she worked as an Executive Assistant, supporting C-Level executives of Fortune 500 companies. She was a Hospice Volunteer and worked as an Executive Assistant to the Director of the National Alliance of Mental Illness, Sonoma County.

Lucinda is happy to support your vision and provide insight and guidance to ensure that your ceremony is special. Having studied conversational Spanish, it brings great joy for her to now offer bilingual ceremonies.She provides Officiant services in beautiful, northern California’s Napa & Sonoma Wine Country, Bodega Bay, San Francisco and Santa Cruz County. She now includes officiant and workshop services in Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado, where she and her son set up the corporate headquarters for L.O.V.E. ™ Our Websites, INC.

The Calling – The Yearning

Walking to elementary school Cindy (Lucinda) passed a huge courtyard wall, laced with lovely vines and capped with mission style, terracotta tiles. She could “feel” the sacred energy from the other side and yearned to climb over to be in the courtyard of beauty and stillness with the nuns. The sense of a sacred space was a visceral experience. She was raised Catholic and intrigued by some of the rituals during Sunday Mass. One day, during a catechism class at eight years of age she began to ask Sister Mary questions that went unanswered. In fact, she was scolded. Her curiosity to learn about the teachings of Jesus, and how religious organizations taught these teachings fueled her desire to become a minister – perhaps a Priestess. At fourteen years of age, her brother John introduced her to Buddhism and she began the study of Nicherin Daishonin’s teaching and learned to chant “nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo”. She developed a strong daily practice of “Faith- Practice -Study” for many years. She was assigned a District Leader position where she hosted study group meetings, group chanting sessions and offered faith-based guidance to the members.

In 1999 Lucinda attended a Sunday, spiritual community service in Santa Rosa, CA, by Rev. Edward Viljoen, DD. Deeply moved by his words (and humor) she purchased the book, “The Science of Mind”, the teachings of Ernest Holmes. Although cringing at every “God” word and “Jesus” – she pushed through the religious wounding experienced as a young catholic girl, and her rejection of organized religion, and finished the text. Wanting to learn more, she pulled out the Santa Cruz County, Yellow Pages” – oh my – that is how long ago that was!  She located a small local “church” then called “United Church of Religious Science” where she began taking classes. With deep appreciation of the intellect, common sense and inspiration she continued class after class. One of the greatest benefits of this commitment was meeting kindred spirits and making new friends. To this day she practices and teaches Affirmative Prayer as taught by Ernest Holmes. She then attended another two years at the Center of Spiritual LIving, San Jose, CA and studied under Rev. David Bruner.

Two years later she took the written test and passed the oral panel to become a licensed, spiritual practitioner. A few years later she studied under Rev. Deborah Johnson of Inner Light Ministries, Soquel CA, and supported the spiritual community as a faculty member for the Certified Practitioner Courses. In 2007 she yearned to learn more about Interfaith and attended “One Spirit Interfaith Seminary”. Following her ordination she attended the One Spirit Learning Alliance, Spiritual Counseling program. (She highly recommends these programs to anyone with a desire to deepen their personal connection with God, and to serve others as a Spiritual Coach/Counselor.

Lucinda enjoys an “interspiritual” practice with a love of communing with Great Spirit through many hours of silence, meditation, walks in nature, music, art and yoga.

A Personal Statement of Intention

While attending a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner’s Retreat, in 2000 at the Center for Conscious Living (formally known as United Church of Religious Science” Lucinda’s intention was revealed during a guided meditation; “To serve those that are in service”. This became the impetus to offer workshops to help other spiritual practitioners, ministers and business owners. Recognizing the need for affordable and dependable website services she then started a website company, L.O.V.E. ™ Our Websites, INC, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.   She has devoted the last several years to the development of online Interfaith Directories and website marketing services to help others promote their heart-centered services.

Love Letters From Clients

Lucinda is answered prayer. She was creative and very patient during the process of designing my website. Because she is a minister, practitioner and has powerful “word-smithing” abilities, she can accomplish the requirements of her clients. It gives me time to do what I do best.

~Bobbi W

Lucinda provided spiritual life coaching that helped me to clarify and move forward with my business. She helped me to look within to unlock my creativity. I was spinning my wheels and she helped me to get “unstuck”. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to help you connect with your higher self, the divine, or whatever you call that which is greater than our ego selves. I will continue to use Lucinda’s services as I move forward with my business I feel like I am just at the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

~Lynn K

Lucinda is the best!

Lucinda helped us get through the loss of our father. She was so supportive during a very difficult time. Everything for the service went smoothly. She helped us cry and even smile during the most difficult time in my life. I recommend her for all your spiritual needs.

~Chrissie M.

2015 was a very special year for us. We married in July and can always think back to our fondmemories of our wedding day.
Lucinda was a huge help in not only facilitating our ceremony, but providing the framework for a very endearing and memorable occasion. From family to friends we were reminded of what a joyous experience for two families coming together.
We highly recommend Lucinda and her services.

~Peter & Yolanda

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L.O.V.E. is a concept and acronym created by Lucinda:Language Of Visions Empowering, and promotingInterfaith/Interspiritual practioners, business owners and professional celebrants supporting folks of all faiths, cultures, LGBTQ, and atheists.


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